Macau 2021 – A Strange Familiarity

“The Script Road” – 10th Macau Literary Festival is proud to announce the winners at the opening of the Macau CLOSER photography competition exhibition “Macau 2021 – A Strange Familiarity” at Casa Garden, home of Orient Foundation. 

2021 has been a year of ups and downs, of high hopes for better days to the utmost pessimism about the future. In short, a very suitable terrain for creativity. “A Strange Familiarity” suggests the phenomenon of experiencing situations that one recognizes in some fashion, but that nonetheless seem novel and unfamiliar, just as the current times that we are all in.

Casa Garden  |  Friday, December 3  |  5:30 pm


Seen with the feet, written with the eyes

Carlos Morais José and Rosa Coutinho Cabral

Walking down Rua Direita, photographing and writing, it became clear that in every place there is Another image; in every look an Other meaning; in every word Another unveiling: the two expressions are the Other of each other, rescuing the invisible singularities and invisible differences.

The prose of images and the poetics of words are two parts of the same path experience that are not reduced to each other and give birth to different worlds.

Casa Garden  |  Friday, December 3  |  5:45pm