This is an experimental series created by a group of musicians of different music genres and performed constantly at various times, locations and gatherings. Aim at finding possibilities in existing music patterns, unrestricted collaborations, experimenting the diversity of music instruments through different ensembles, exploring fun in blending music and art with local life.



No day is typical, not a day is the same, there is no day as usual.

Four seasons in a year, 30 days in a month, 24 hours in a day.

60 minutes in an hour, 60 seconds in a minute. Each day is like the other day.

Each day is like the other day. I’m tired of remembering the details. I’m just who I am. I spent a day, a special day, a day of nothingness.

**Some of the compositions started with the “There is no day as usual” project of the BOK Festival **



Iat U Hong

Iat U Hong Graduate of the Central Conservatory of Music. Hong aims to promote music through performances and organising concerts across various platforms, regardless of genres, and creates music by employing different features of string instruments. He creates and performs at classical and pop music concerts, theatres and musicals. In 2013, he joined the local premiere and world tour of theatrical work Picnic in the Cemetery. In 2014, he performed at two music festivals in the Chinese mainland. 

Akitsugu Fukushima (aka Aki)

Aki comes from Fukuoka, Japan and is now based in Macao. Under the influence of his mother, he started learning piano at a young age, and is good at guitar, bass guitar and drums. He is working in diverse scopes of music, including electronic, contemporary classics, theatrical, video, etc. In 2017, he released his debut solo work, Monologue EP (4daz-le record, Macau), which contains six tracks; he has been releasing various pieces of work with the Kuala Lumpur-based indie music label mü-nest. In 2020, his remix for Korean musician Dae Kim’s Ethereal Cosmos was chosen as the scores of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival’s trailer. 

Ivan Souza de Wing

Drummer based in Macau with 10 years of experience, he has participated in various music/art festivals in China, Hong Kong and Macao.



Art has been part of Gabriel’s life since he was a child. He started learning guitar and composing music at the age of fourteen. Later, he went to the university in Portugal where he had the opportunity to get in touch with different styles of European and American music. After returning to Macau, he actively composed and was particularly interested in the Macanese culture. Patuá was listed as a local intangible cultural heritage, Gabriel had the idea to promote this unique language, by singing it using different musical instruments and skills, including handpan and beatbox, to create his own unique popular indie music. He has performed before at the Lusophone and St. Joseph Festivals, Ufest and in different schools.


Maria Monte

Maria Monte (stage name of Maria Paula Monteiro) has been part of various musical groups throughout her career, having worked with bands and musicians such as Pedro Ayres de Magalhães, Delfins, Sétima Legião and Tito Paris. Produced by local musician João Caetano, she has now decided to put together four songs on the EP Laços in an evocation of Macau and Lisbon, cities where she spends most of her time. At Macau’s Literary Festival she will also release the videoclip of Primavera, the song that opens her new EP.

Macau Art Garden

Saturday, December 4