Not Caring of not Knowing Where to go

Not Caring of not Knowing Where to go

‘’If someone could look down on us from above, they’d see that the world is full of people running about in a hurry, sweating and very tired and their lost souls always left behind, unable to keep up with their owners.’’

—from The Lost Soul 


Founded in Macau in 2001, Step Out, not wishing to be defined as a theatre or dance company, has been dedicated to theatre creation, arts education and overseas exchange. Recent productions include ‘Curry Bone’s Travel 2019’, ‘A Gambling World I & II’, ‘The House of the Vagrants’, ‘Mon Ha 1849’, ‘IN SEARCH OF MEMORY’, ‘Circle’, ‘Rain of Stone’ and ‘Song of the Sea’ etc. Step Out also organizes ‘Book Plays Festival’ and children’s theater ‘When kids meet puppet’ annually.




Director:   HSUEH Mei-hua (Taiwan)

HSUEH Mei-hua is a seasoned, skillful puppeteer, director and playwright of puppetry, and children arts educator specializing in theater teaching. With a wealth of experience in playwriting and directing, she has created and directed over 30 works. HSUEH learned the skills of wayang kulit, the traditional form of Indonesian puppet-shadow play, and wayang golek, a type of Indonesian rod puppet, at the Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia (STSI) art school upon winning in the Cloud Gate’s Wanderer Program.




Creator, performer: Lou Chong Neng

An experienced choreographer, theatre movement director, puppetry creator, theatre producer and independent craftsman in Macau. She began her dance training at the age of seven. She presented her choreographic works since the 1990s and studied modern dance at the Laban Dance Centre in London. In 2001, she founded the performing arts company Step Out in Macao. Recent choreographies and movement direction works include Big World Casino (I & II), Curry Bone Travels and Cheong Sam etc.


December 2 / 3 / 4

5:30pm / 8:00pm

Portuguese Consul’s Residence (former Bela Vista Hotel)