Screenings 2

Navy Yard No.2

Screenings 2

First Conversation

A Void Without A Face

The Valley of Ginseng

Dir:Ho Kueng Lon /Color /2019/36’/ In Cantonese with Chinese & English subtitles.

My old aunt’s increasing physical weaknesses are deteriorating the atmosphere at home, gradually alienating her from the rest of the family. After my father died, the relationship between me and my mother became more unintelligible, so I decided to bring the family back together through simple daily conversations with my aunt. These dialogues brought up a stream of emotions and understanding much needed in our family.

Creation Concept
Kieslowski, the iconic Polish director, once said that “our relationship with our parents is always unfair. When they were at their best, the most energetic, lively, and caring, we didn’t know them because we might not exist yet, or we are still very young to appreciate it. My parents were amazing, even if I didn’t realize it then. But life is like this, every generation must live through this injustice. Regardless, the most important thing is to understand it at some point.”

Dir:Lao Keng U /B&W/2019/14’/No dialogue and subtitles

A girl born with a birthmark struggles to get along with her estranged mother at home.As stains around the house are being cleaned, the two women are taken back to where it all began, trying to erase any traces of resentment.

Dir:Lou Ka Choi, Leong Kin/Color/2019/5’/No dialogue and subtitles

A girl meets a boy while walking in the valley. They have a good time, without any idea of how long they will be together.