Cinema de Macau – Parte 2

Oficinas Navais-2

Cinema de Macau – Parte 2

Cinema de Macau – Parte 2

Dir: Lei Cheok Mei | Color | 2019 | 56 min | In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitles | Grupo B: Não aconselhável a menores de 13 anos

Every mother develops an indivisible bond with her child. This connection remains forever in their resembling personalities, even after they stop living together. However, with the fast social development, from time to time, the family structure changes. My mother is a casino dealer. I forgot how long ago have we talked and listened to each other. The gentle whispers of “good morning” or “good night” are long gone from our lives.

Creation Concept
There is nothing more contradictory than life amongst kin, no matter how closely related they are. Every little contact may bring huge impact on these relationships, changing lives unexpectedly. I want to explore the inner trails of my own family through this documentary and to shed lights on the reasons why and how my family and I come to be. This documentary is dedicated to every small but precious life, who are equally important and equally worthy to be watched.