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Saboroso – Portuguese and Macanese Cuisine in Macau

Published in three languages – Traditional Chinese, Portuguese and English – and written by Nuno Mendonça, former Editor-in-Chief of Macau...
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Mesquita’s Reflections

In 1849, when Macau’s governor is murdered, Vicente Mesquita, a lieutenant in Macau’s small battalion is ordered to attack a...
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Think Twice | Short Story II

Han Shaogong searches for Fernando Pessoa, while Rui Zink lets his characters fall in love – with other characters, with...
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Rule of Three | Short Story III

The poetry of Bei Dao, along with powerful verses by poets Agnes Lam, Manuel Afonso Costa and Kit Kelen, feature...
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Four Ever | Short Story IV

Wang Anyi and Kelly Yang write about their experiences when visiting The Script Road in 2015, while Murong Xuecun has...
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