The Three Ladies of Macao

The Three Ladies of Macao


The Three Ladies of Macao,

Original script by Katrine K. Wong, with Jasmine Chen, Angie Lo, Robin Yu, Lisa Li and Travis Wang.

Department of English, University of Macau

The Three Ladies of Macao (3LM), conceived in Canada and written in Macau, is set in Macau in the 1960s. Inspired by the idea of allegory in Robert Wilson’s The Three Ladies of London, 3LM is an original play made in Macau, about Macau. A 13-strong international cast — all members of the University of Macau — will perform more than 20 roles. The 90-minute play is about love and lust, murder and deceit, hope and darkness. In a Macau where churches thrive alongside brothels and lust trumps morality, and where Lucre’s expanding power terrorises and manipulates her peers, her followers and her fellow residents, one can still see the city’s inherent, simple goodness.