Rui Pava

Rui Pava


Rui Paiva, Mozambique, has degree in Economy, Lisbon. He was a teacher between 76 and 79 in Lisbon, departing then to Macau. He did a post-graduate in Modern China, he was the president of the Fiscal Council of China Observatory and member of the Consultative Council of Lisbon Confucius Institute. Between 1984 and 1986, he attended the National Society of Fine Arts, Lisbon, and painter João Vieira was his supervisor. He was director and president of the fiscal council of the National Society of Fine Arts, between 2003 and 2015. He worked in the banking sector and manages to pursue at the same time a consistent artistic career, participating actively since 1988 in solo and collective exhibitions in Portugal, Macau, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan. He illustrates books of Macau poets, having published in 1982 a Drawings Book. In 2017, he published Nuvem Branca (White Cloud), a life and artist book.


Rui Paiva’s recently release Nuvem Branca (White Cloud) was conceived as a literary work with two sides: Life Book and Artist Book. In the absence of pure chronology we have sacrificial offerings of streams of life, deed and thought on the pages of an unbound book. Stories from Mozambique to Lisbon, with an Asia lurking never very far away.Macau and Hong Kong, Vietnam, the Philippines, South Korea. As a book-object, it contextualises a long artistic career, written as pages in time. The exhibition — another book strewn with colours and graffiti, textures, materials — shows a life spiritually adapted to Art. From the suns and planets of “Sneak Peaks” to the “Masks Series”, we have a variety of pathways. In the frames of “Window talks”, taken from Facebook, we have another image of the digital era. Finally, an unprecedented array of canvases, installing a spiritual, immaterial text, into the inward gaze.


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