Paulo Jose Miranda

Paulo Jose Miranda


Paulo José Miranda was born in 1965 in Paio Pires, near Lisbon. He is a poet, a writer and a playwright. Miranda graduated in Philosophy from the Universidade de Letras de Lisboa and has been a member of Pen Club since 1998. Miranda has lived in Istanbul, in various Brazilian cities (1999–2015) and, for three months, in Macau. He now lives in Estoril, Portugal. Among his books of poetry are A Voz Que Nos Trai (1997), awarded the Teixeira de Pascoaes Prize, and Exercícios de Humano (2014), recipient of an award from the SPA (Portuguese Society of Authors) last year. He wrote the play O Corpo de Helena in 1998 and has also written a children’s play. Miranda is the author of Um Prego no Coração (1998) and the José Saramago Prize winning Natureza Morta (1998), among other books. His most recent work is A doença da Felicidade (2015).

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17 March | Macau Portuguese School

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13 March | Old Court Building

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