Comuna de Pedra

Comuna de Pedra


Established in 1996. It had been focusing on physical and dance theatre productions, on stage and site-specific, and as well the promotion of the art education, with the attempt to develop more artistic possibilities and cultivate culture in Macao. Alongside, Comuna also curates and produces different arts projects such as arts exhibitions, festivals and cross-cultural collaborative programs.

Cho Seng CHENG, Oscar
Director, Acrtor

Member of Comuna de Pedra and Soda-City Experimental Workshop. A performing artist. Since the first performance in 2006, he has participated in numerous performances in different roles, including actor, creator and coordinator. 

Jenny MOK
Director, Acrtress


J Lei

A Macao resident. Founding member of Comuna de Pedra and Old Ladies’ House Art Space (Ox Warehouse). She now engages in various fields, including theatre creation, planning, education, writing and editing, and has produced numerous dance theatre and site-specific theatre works.

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