Deolinda da Conceição and Women’s Discrimination

Deolinda da Conceição and Women’s Discrimination – Stage Reading and Talk, based on the short-stories collection of Macanese female writer Deolinda da Conceição

Performers: Kate Leong, Nada Chan

Speaker: Lin Hsiangchun




Kate Leong – Performer

Macau resident Kate Leong is an actress and a theatre instructor at numerous schools, social welfare institutions and the Macau Conservatory. In recent years, she has participated in numerous plays and in three movies: The Memories, Timing and The Light.




Nada Chan – Performer

A bachelor in digital media design, Nada Chan has been working as an actress, director, dancer, makeup artist and graphic designer – also teaching physical performance at Macau’s Deaf Association since 2012. She loves mime and different types of street dance.





Speaker  – Lin Hsiangchun

Pen name, Lin Daxiang. Columnist. In 2015, she started the Júbilo 31 bookshop with her friends in the São Lazaro area of Macao.

She has lived half of her life in Macao and is fascinated by all kinds of stories, she has been practicing book-related matters for years, curating exhibitions and readings of actual works.


Portuguese Bookshop  |  Saturday, December 4  |  7:00pm