Think Twice | Short Story II

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Author Alexandra Lucas Coelho, Antoine Volodine, Carlos Afonso Portela, Deana Barroqueiro, Han Shaogong, Huang Lihai, Isolda Brasil, Joaquim Magalhães de Castro, Lawrence Lei, Loi Chi Pang, Pan Wei, Pedro Amaral, Qiu Huadong, Regis Bonvicino, Rui Zink, Seung Yeob Lee, Wang Gang, Yi Sha

Book Description

Han Shaogong searches for Fernando Pessoa, while Rui Zink lets his characters fall in love – with other characters, with money, with Macau’s narrow streets. Pan Wei remembers Luiz Vaz de Camões, Wang Gang gets drunk on good literature and better wine, and Joaquim Magalhães de Castro and his imaginary photographer document the city of casinos. Qiu Huadong opts to record the Macau Literary Festival day by day, in intimate prose, and Alexandra Lucas Coelho examines whether the hearts of others are normal under the light of Camilo Pessanha’s poetry. The same poet intrigues Huang Lihai, while Deana Barroqueiro revives Portugal’s Age of Discovery and the explorer Fernão Mendes Pinto in the present day. Yi Sha, Régis Bonvicino and Antoine Volodine, introspective and lyrical, put both prose and verse to the test depicting this city of contrasts. These and other texts collected here portray Macau like never before.