Six on the Dot | Short Story VI

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Author António MR Martins, Brian Castro文, Bruno Vieira Amaral, btr , Chen Li, Cheng Yongxin, Ciwanmerd Kulek, Clément Baloup, Daniel de Roulet, Deusa D’África, Dick Ng, Grace Chia, Graeme Hall, Huang Hou Bin, Inocência Mata, Jessica Faleiro, João Nuno Azambuja, João Morgado, José Manuel Rosendo, José Manuel Simões, Juan José Morales, Krys Lee, Lawrence Lei, Liliana Ribeiro, Liu Waitong, Natalia Borges Polesso, Oliver Phommavanh, Ouyang Jianghe, Philippe Graton, Qin Wenjun, Rai Mutsu, Raquel Ochoa, Sanaz Fotouhi, Sérgio Godinho, Wang Congwei, Wang Jiaxin, Xu Xi

Book Description

Chinese poet Ouyang Jianghe, Korean writer Krys Lee, Portuguese author and music legend Sérgio Godinho – each of them found in poetry the path to portraying Macau, its character and their inward and outward experience of this city. Xu Xi, Bruno Vieira Amaral and Lawrence Lei write of relatives – metaphorical, historical, generational – as they interpret this small branch on the Middle Kingdom’s family tree. Clément Baloup and Dick Ng make use of both their drawing and their storytelling skills to convey what they absorbed here. Together, these texts amount to one of the best collections of stories, short essays, poems and other writings about Macau ever published by The Script Road. Six on the Dot unites works by the guests of the 2017 Macau Literary Festival with the winning entries from its annual Short Story Competition. Reading them lets you see this unique city through the eyes of some truly remarkable authors. Enjoy the journey.