Rule of Three | Short Story III

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Author Afonso Cruz, Agnes Lam, Andrea del Fuego, António Graça de Abreu, Bei Dao, Christopher (Kit) Kelen, Christina Miu Bing Cheng, Clara Ferreira Alves, Fernanda Dias, Hu Xudong, J.Gool, João Paulo Borges Coelho, Karla Suárez, Kevin M. Maher, Li Guanding, Manuel Afonso Costa, Regina Nadaes Marques, Sheng Keyi, Tammy Ho Lai-Ming, Yan Geling

Book Description

The poetry of Bei Dao, along with powerful verses by poets Agnes Lam, Manuel Afonso Costa and Kit Kelen, feature in this anthology, through / which Macau once again takes centre stage. Hu Xudong discovers Coloane, while Sheng Keyi revisits images of a city she knew years before. Afonso Cruz, Clara Ferreira Alves and Fernanda Dias depict life and love in their myriad forms, at times peaceful, at others not without a touch of the thriller, an element to be found as well in the stoty by João Paulo Borges Coelho. Essays by Christina Miu Bing Cheng and Li Guanding analyse writings about Macau from the pen of other authors, both classical and contemporary, while Andrea del Fuego and Karla Suarez give their views of the city in the form of chronicles. This remarkable collection of texts by the guest writers of The Script Road 2014 also includes the introductory chapter of Yan Geling’s novel, A City Called A-Ma.