Four Ever | Short Story IV

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Author Darío Alejandro Poyanco Bravo, David Machado, Francisco José Viegas, Hung Hung, Jane Camens, João Tordo, Joe Tang, Kelly Yang, Maria do Rosário Pedreira, Murong Xuecun, Ondjaki, Wang Anyi, Xi Chuan, Yan Ge, Zhou Yonghua

Book Description

Wang Anyi and Kelly Yang write about their experiences when visiting The Script Road in 2015, while Murong Xuecun has a close encounter with the diary of Cardeira, a Portuguese from another era. Yan Ge’s satire on the fixation with pandas contrasts with the analytical prose of Xi Chuan about what poetry is. Joe Tang, a Macau author, explains the historical and even literary importance of Governor Ferreira do Amaral’s assassination. Portuguese authors Maria do Rosário Pedreira and Francisco José Viegas depict the city, Macau , as a poem ; in the same way Hung Hung uses verses to describe wine , one of the main pleasures of the Portuguese. Ondjaki, João Tordo and David Machado let us travel through stories of people and lives in transit, from Japanese haiku to Ulysses, from Asian love affairs to Asian writers. This anthology also compiles the winners of the Macau Literary Festival 4th Short Story Competition.