Five Senses | Short Story V

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Author Adi Berenice e Silva , Angelo R. Lacuesta, Bengt Ohlsson, Carol Rodrigues, Chan Koonchung, Chen Xiwo, Chi Pang Loi, Daniel Pires, Ernesto Dabó, Felipe Franco Munhoz, Graça Pacheco Jorge, João Carvalho da Silva, Jordi Puntí, Liu Xinwu, Luísa Fortes da Cunha, Marcelino Freire, Paulo Franchetti, Paulo José Miranda, Pedro Barreiros, Ricardo Adolfo, Shen Haobo, Un Sio San, Wu Ming-Yi, Xi Wa

Book Description

For Filipe Franco Munhoz, Paulo José Miranda, Shen Haobo and Xi Wa, Macau takes the form of a poem, while Chan Koonchung and Pedro Barreiros feel it as a distant memory. Pedro Barreiros traces his family tree for us, highlighting its inextricable links to the history of the Region, and Paulo Franchetti delves into the Macau of yesteryear filtered through the words of those who wrote the city long ago. Jordi Puntí and Marcelino Freire wander Macau’s streets and are transported to places as far flung as Brazil, Lisbon, Venice and Las Vegas, as though in a hall of mirrors that plays with our sense of distance.Meanwhile Chen Xiwou has a close encounter with potential salvation, Carol Rodrigues discovers the aquarium-city, Angelo R. Lacuesta invites us to peek behind the scenes of a non-resident romance, Bengt Ohlsson writes of (im)possible love, Ricardo Adolfo urges us to visit Macau in the hope that luck comes knocking, and Luísa Fortes da Cunha takes us on a treasure hunt for the money tree.And there is yet room within this varied array of genres and themes for the history of the Rice Route to Western Africa, for an exploration of Macanese cuisine and for the Irreverence of Bocage — from Ernesto Dabó, Graça Pacheco Jorge and Daniel Pires. Memory is the tie that binds in this anthology, and Liu Xinwu, Wu Ming-Yi and Un Sio San make good use of it to relate to us the most memorable moments from their time at the Festival.